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  Pipe Tomahawk Spontoon Naval Boarding Axe    
  Navy Boarding Axe    
  25.00 90.00 90.00    
  Imperial Eagle Baton de Marechal
de France
French 1812 Spec Colour    
  1812 Spec French Colour    
      Bullion and Silk on Silk
Available as either machine or
hand embroidered
please allow 4-6 weeks
  199.00 225.00 from 495.00    
Regt Required

Brass Telescope

Sm.Brass Telescope Bugle

Brass Candle Holder

and Snuffer

  Small Brass Telescope  
  21.00 10.00 35.00 28.00  
  White Fabric Gloves  White Leather Gloves Black Leather Gloves Cavalry Gauntlets  
  Black Leather Gloves Cavalry Gauntlets  
  3.00 25.00 25.00 35.00  
Select Size
Select Size
Select Size
Select Size
  Pierced Lantern Glass Sided Lantern      
  Pierced Tin Lantern Glass Sided Lantern      
  30.00 35.00      
  Padlock Medieval Lock Iron Handcuffs Leg Shackles  
  Medieval Lock Leg Irons Shackles  
  Small 10.00 18.50 30.00 38.00  
Medium 12.50
Large 15.00
  Spanish Bullwhip Leather Bullwhip Blowing Horn    
  Spanish Bullwhip Leather Bullwhip Dark Age Blowing Horn    
  5' Long Leather pLaited Whip
Heavy Dudy handle with Wrist loop
8' Long Leather plaited whip
Handle has wrist loop
20" (Approx) Blowing HornMade from Natural Horn    
  25.00 20.00 30.00    
   Hanger Set Pugio Holder 40mm Purse Bar Aiglettes 3.5cm  
  Pugio Holder  
  12.00 8.00 15.00 0.85 each  
  Bayonet Scabbard Locket Bayonet Scabbard Tip Cartridge Box Tin    
  3.00 3.00 5.00    

Bronze Set of Medical Instruments


  Rubberised Cotton Cloth 8mm Jute Rope      
  Rubberised Cotton Cloth Jute Hemp Rope Cord      
  29.00 /m 1.25 /m      
  Dominoes 9 Pins 11" Desk Cannon 5" Desk Cannon  

Wooden Dominoes

Wooden 9 Pins

Desk Top Canon

Desk Top Cannon

  9.00 11.00 20.00 9.00  
  Captains Mistress Shut the Box Cribbage
(12 in one)
  Captains Mistress Shut the Box Cribbage    
  35.00 35.00 25.00    












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